Welcome to an account of my travels in Ecuador

  • Christmas season in a religious, tropical country

    26. Dezember 2019 von

    My host family put up the Christmas decoration on the first of November, just about when one could start noticing a change in weather and the start of the warm season had arrived. So, I came home sweating because it was 24 degrees Celsius outside to be welcomed by a “Feliz Navidad” sign. My Christmas… Weiterlesen

  • Family in Ecuador

    24. Oktober 2019 von

    I live with a host family of six people which has taught me a lot about Ecuadorian culture one would never know from just visiting the country as a tourist. So, this blog post is going to dive into the life of Ecuadorian families and the differences to my previous family life in Germany..  I… Weiterlesen

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Old women are an important part of the culture and traditions

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