Christmas season in a religious, tropical country

My host family put up the Christmas decoration on the first of November, just about when one could start noticing a change in weather and the start of the warm season had arrived. So, I came home sweating because it was 24 degrees Celsius outside to be welcomed by a “Feliz Navidad” sign. My Christmas„Christmas season in a religious, tropical country“ weiterlesen

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food

Before we get into the blog, I just want to make a short comment about the political situation in Ecuador. It is shocking how an entire country is in chaos and yet very few people from Western countries know about it. The media coverage of Western media outlets is more than insufficient. Yet, if you„You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food“ weiterlesen

Being a white woman (gringa) in Ecuador

Before we get into the actual post, if you want to check out some cool local Ecuadorian music, search for „Jayac“. My host mum loves them. The pictures are going to be from the work of local artisans which I took for my work in the tourism office at the municipality of Gualaceo. Being a„Being a white woman (gringa) in Ecuador“ weiterlesen

Street art and Ecuadorian customs

I have been living with my host family for about a month now. During this month I not only had to chance to explore my home town and its beautiful street art but also the Ecuadorian culture. To someone who lived all their life in Germany, some habits and ways of daily life appear rather„Street art and Ecuadorian customs“ weiterlesen

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